Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joy is Deeper and Inner...

If you use any external situation (ex: drinking) to create an inner situation (joy), you naturally get enslaved to that external activity and that becomes the condition for your joy.
            No such external situation (drinking, dancing, and painting) is possible for 24hrs in a day for joy. Joy is inner situation.
           Why do people want to consume alcohol? Why are people mad about sex? Why are people going for drugs? Why do people want to jump off mountains? Why do people want to do risky thing in their life? Somewhere every human being wants to know their life in a deeper way than he knows it right now.
            Most of the people pain is their deeper experience that they have known. They have never known the true pleasantness within themselves.
            Peoples Like artists, musicians, painters and dancers has always sought pain as their expression which gives depth to their work, because they know about only pain as the deepest, joy does not give depth to their work because they don’t know how to depict joy in its highest form. 

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