Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mechanics of joy continued...

               Joyfulness does not happen because every thing is perfect but joyfulness happens because you are unwilling to subjugate your intelligence to what is happening around you.  It is not that somebody told you a joke and you laughed. It’s a momentary joy cannot lost. You cannot be laughing at jokes all the time. If at every moment of your life, somebody tells you a joke, jokes will become absolutely sick.
              Joyfulness is not an emotion, Joyfulness is a certain way, a certain pleasantness that creeps into every aspect of your life and that’s why you are joyful. How do you know what to create if you don’t know what it is? In your experience if there is no joy, how will you create joy for others?
              In lot of families parents are suffering to make their children’s happy. How are their children going to be happy if they set an example of suffering everyday? What you do at 30, you child will do at 20. If the parents become long faced at 30, the children become long faced at 20. If you do not set an example of joy and you only talk about joy it doesn’t mean anything. It is just like a blind man talking about light.

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