Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mechanics of Joy

In Poetry “I will shower joy upon you” But, Nobody can’t shower joy upon you. If it is showered, your skin should feel it first isn’t it? The actual joy is always from within.Generally people look at their joy emotionally. I want you to look at this technically because emotions are fine and juicy but you can’t recreate them. 
              So many times you think you are joyful, but it always crashes down repeatedly, because you don’t understand the mechanics of joy (to be joyful always).Why you are seeking Joy? If anybody else asked you to seek joy? It is not because of someone else that you are seeking joy; the life within you is constantly seeking joy, the basic existence
              If you are doing everything in pursuit of joy, Instead of rooting it through so many things, trying to go around the world and come back. Why don’t you address it directly. If you are unpleasant, all the time you blame others. Even the people and the situations around you are unpleasant, that’s bad enough. You don’t have to turn yourself, your body, mind and energies unpleasant. There is absolutely no intelligence in this.

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